The legendary Escape Artist & Magician Michael Griffin began his career in 1979 with a fluke appearance on his high school talent show having to escape from a regulation US Postal Mailbag secured on the outside with a pick proof lock all supplied and challenged by the local Post Office.  He made it and with the reaction from the crowd he knew he could never follow in his father's footsteps becoming a top psychiatrist, instead begging his father for a straitjacket and choosing the path far less traveled into the mystical never ending adventure of traveling the world making magic causing jaws to drop, heads to be scratched and millions to not only  be entertained but, with his messages of believing in yourself, their lives changed as well.

Along the path of escape Michael has become the only 2 Time Winner of TV's World Magic Awards in the same category - Best Escape Artist.  He has been named the Ultimate Escape Artist by Ripley's Believe it or not TV after a very physically taxing challenge by Ripley's and the Man with the World's Largest Arms to escape 100' of rope in Times Square.  Michael is also consistently appearing on TV shows such as America's Got Talent and currently in the series Masters Of Illusion.  All the while traveling the world setting records in places as diverse as Canada where he saved the lives of 1200 people from a burning building while still tied up to narrowly escaping an impossible box constructed by Chinese builders in Singapore causing such a riot that police had to intervene to protect him from death threats because some of the startled locals were chanting he's the devil kill him.

Today Michael continues to tour and bring his exciting unique mixture of Intensely Original Magic & Exclusive Escapes to Fairs, Casinos and Colleges featuring his trademarked $100,000.00 CHALLENGE to anyone who can keep him prisoner.  Michael is also performing constantly for private events focusing more on his unique magic, mentalism and suggestion.