I GOT TO SPLIT A PIZZA WITH BRUCE, TALKIN ABOUT ELVIS, BRUCE AND MAGIC  (and now the rest of the story).......

Ok, I think Elvis would've dug Bruce.  Bruce not only sings from his gut and heart, he paints really deep canvases with his words.  Even if you cant stand his voice, no one but no one can take away his incredible talent of writing,,,Man to get Elvis singing a Bruce song, WOW!!

I was in Hollywood shooting an escape from a straitjacket hanging upside down on the hollywood sign.  Yes, we snuck up there, rules? we dont need no stinkin' rules.    We got done and my photographer said lets eat at George Santo Pietro's restaraunt  We got there and it was sparsely occupied a few tables, very private and next to me and just behind me sat Bruce Springsteen eating with someone else ( I was told later it was a guitarist from Stones)  I got nervous and my date said go up and say hey.  I waited for the guitarist to leave while others in the restaurant left.  Here's my chance, should I? should I? oh shit....Hi Im Michael Griffin Im in town shooting a show and I love Elvis music and yours.  Holy crap Bruce said sit down.

We were talking and ordered another pizza,,34 bucks for that pizza and people just hung out at their table while Bruce and I were talking.  We kept going on and on about Elvis and the feel of music in the gut and how when I was given a Bruce record (the River) I finally found that other guy who sings from the gut and writes it perfectly too.     Bruce was incredibly nice, just down to earth cool guy no airs about him..In fact he kept moving the conversation to me and what I do for a living I said I love it because I feel it from my feet in the floor to my gut and out to the audience when Im getting out of stuff.   He kept asking pointed questions about the escapes,,like I really can get out of a box in the river and handcuffs and all that?  I wasn't sure why he kept asking and he said somewhere in there could be a song,,,its way cool metaphors..I thought nothing of it till 2007.

Dinner ended and I thoroughly enjoyed my expensive pizza with The Boss at Santo Pietro's...BACK STORY:  George Santo Pietro married Vanna White and when we were done my guy was taking a pic of me and Bruce as we were trying to "out tough" each other.  George said to Bruce, Bruce your the Boss and always will be,,Michael (me) your the Boss of Bondage.  That is where I got that nickname LOL right there next to Bruce Sprinsteen  so 2 Bosses talking about 1 King what a night.       

Oh yeah about the 2007?   its 2007 Im in Starbucks they are playing a new Springsteen CD "Magic"  his best in forever!  and I froze stiff still when the song Magic played, I had them play it again and listened to the Boss singin put me in a box throw me in a river, i got shackles on my wrists..... yeah no way to prove he remembered our pizza and conversation about Elvis, but I'll be dipped if I wasnt smiling softly and warmly inside listening a hero of mine sing about something we talked about that night 2 Bosses came together about 1 KING.

Bruce Springsteen, Michael Griffin.  2 "BOSSES" talking about 1 KING