Murderer caught by Michael as suspect binds him same way as victims

Tuscaloosa, AL.  Michael escapes a deadly rope tie in Challenge found to be from a suspect in coed murder investigation. Victims had been found tied in the same manner and with same rope as proven later during investigation as suspect tied Michael on stage. 

Picture not taken during incident

"This was weird.  My assistant said stay away from this guy, he's really bizarre.  I had to have him onstage and that's when the fit hit the shan.  I had asked him earlier if he knew ropes, he replied oh yes, I asked also do you have rope, he said oh yes in my car.  He came on stage and knew exactly what he was doing, he was practiced!  In seconds he had me and I couldn't move.  I was passing out when I heard what I thought was my grandma calling, it was some woman, I guess I was close to passing out and she was crying for me to get back up.  I did and made it.  At that point the Sheriffs were all over me asking a million questions about the guy who as soon as he was done vanished.  I said I knew nothing.  Thats when they told me what he had done to the college girls, I got sick.  Several months later they called, said they got him and believed he was the guy."