Want your crowds smiling?

Want your crowds smiling? Get unlimited smiles from your audience as soon as you add michael griffin to your upcoming entertainment event, guaranteed.

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As the only 2x Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards and appearing on America’s Got Talent, I specialize in making your audience happy.

I know your audience will love this, here is why:

Can play any venue, even surrounded!
Intensely Original, Funny & Motivational
Clean & Family Friendly
Show runs 20 mins. to 70 mins. 
Multiple shows per day (all different) *optional
Generates massive pre-show publicity *optional
Someone can win the $100,000.00 Challenge *optional

No Hocus Pocus Here – It’s an Escape from boring events, unless of course you like the same ole same ole.

I look forward to helping you make your event a Blast and Long remembered.

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