What do you get when you cross Elvis and Houdini?-Eldini?..no, but this extreme magician Michael Griffin rocks



What do you get when you cross Elvis and Houdini?-Eldini?..no, but this extreme magician Michael Griffin rocks 

$100,000.00 challenge to audiences is paving the way to success for this Award Winning mystery man currently performing at Land of Illusion.


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Middleton, OH- (Oct. 15) http://www.escapeguy.com/ On stage Michael Griffin, with his trussed blonde hair, his baby face, his GQ smile and his tall muscular body, fitting just perfectly into tight black pants, will once again bend his body in bizarre ways, play with the audience’s minds, face death or bodily injury on Friday nights through the Halloween season at Land of Illusion Haunted Park. (http://www.landofillusion.com). This time, or that time, he will be shackled into the latest, or sometimes the earliest, police restraints, sealed into an airtight canvas bag and prove his ability to escape before he runs out of air and suffocates. 

michael griffin swallows 40 needles and thread


During the course of the performances audience members will tie him with rope trying to win a $1,000.00 challenge, he’ll be placed into a straight jacket designed by the Posey Company of Arcadia CA. On top of that he will swallow 100 needles with some thread, he will then regurgitate the needles threaded through the eyes stretching across the stage.  As a grand finale Michael will accept the big $100,000.00 challenge to escape whatever has been built to stop him, recently he defeated an airtight coffin.

What you are seeing isn’t magic performed by the likes of Chris Angel, nor is it escape artistry like Harry Houdini. What you are witnessing is something in between the two mediums that has gone off on a tangent all of it's own. Seeing Griffin perform is sort of like watching the performance style of Elvis Presley, the “chutzpah” of Evel Knievel, the athleticism of Jim Thorpe, and the classic good looks of Rudolph Valentino in a Kafka-esque train wreck that has can only be defined as “Suspended Disbelief”.

Michael is the only 2-Time World Magic Awards Winning Best Escape Artist, and recently was tied up by none other than Howard Stern on a special guest appearance of America’s Got Talent. He has set World records in Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Saskatoon, Canada; Cincinnati, OH; and even in Singapore. 

How does America’s Escape Hero stand out with the audiences? “I love actually letting the audience be the part of the show. They create challenges, bring the stuff to try and stop me as opposed to some regular magician who can only get out of his trick box”

Even from his earliest days, Houdini didn't fascinate Griffin like a million magicians. The character of Jim West from the old Wild, Wild West television program first fascinated him. He also became intrigued, like so many boys in the 1970’s, by the daring do of Evel Knievel. Michael decided at an early age that he wanted to combine the two forms of entertainment to make something he thought was unique... last minute death defying escapes, coupled with the suspense of the unknown factor in a challenge that Griffin felt would be his calling. It wasn’t until he turned 18, and somebody compared him to Houdini that Griffin became aware of that name, which confused him, as Griffin wasn’t a magician, but Houdini was.

According to Rudy Steffish, author of the book Conversations with Harry: A Study of Contemporary Escape Artists, Griffin is hard to categorize. “Most escape artists fall into one of two groups. They are illusionists using the appearance of danger to recreate Houdini, or they are legitimate in that they will not use trick handcuffs and such to perform an escape; however, Griffin doesn’t really fit into either clique. I think Griffin fits into his own category…maybe something defined as an “escape performer. Yet, that isn’t quite fair, because not only does Griffin want to get out of the restraints, he wants you to get into the restraints with him in your own mind so you can feel the struggle. The being placed into the restraints for Griffin seems like it’s more of what he is about, with the escape being an afterthought.”  




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