Escape Artist - Michael Griffin; Offers $100,000 To Isanti County Fair goers on 07/24/2013

The Escape Guy

The Isanti County Fair is excited to announce the appearance of Michael Griffin;

“America’s Escape Hero”, who is known for setting world-wide, escape records.  Michael is an illusionist and comic all rolled into one entertaining guy and the only performer in the World that combines his ‘intensely original magic’ and impossible escapes while providing great audience interaction.

Featured on ‘America’s Got Talent’, Ripley’s Believe it or Not’; and multiple episodes of Masters of Illusion; Michael is a 2 time winner of the World Magic Awards.  He will be appearing several times daily with a performance of escaping from the Fairgrounds Pond.  He will be chained up with heavy chain; connected to a cinder block, and submerged in the Pond. You will not want to miss this opportunity to see a world class escape artist copy the death defying stunts of great performers such as Houdini. 

At various shows throughout the Isanti County Fair; Michael will be offering $1000 to anyone that can tie him up so that he cannot escape.  His extreme stunts include escaping from water-filled steel oil drums; the most complex of police restraints; and one of his most interesting on-stage challenges is the 1880’s Navy Sea bag, most notably called ‘the cloth coffin’.  Even the US Postal Service has not been able to hold him in a real Postal mailbag locked on the outside by a high security Government lock!  Michael has added his own twists to dangerous non-escapes, including the ‘East Indian Needle Mystery’ where he swallows 40 needles separate of some thread, then after proving to the audience that his mouth is empty, he is able to regurgitate all the needles threaded along the entire 8 foot length of thread. 

Make plans now to attend the Isanti County Fair and see “The Escape Guy”