Escape Artist - Michael Griffin says check your drawers in Ft Wayne on 07/13/2013

Award winning escape artist appearing at Three Rivers Festival ask you to CHECK your drawers 

Michael Griffin is coming to the Three Rivers Festival and offering up to $500.00 for your old handcuffs gathering dust in drawers, basement or attic.

FT WAYNE, IN- (July 11) Michael Griffin, America’s Escape Artist ( appearing and disappearing for the first time ever at the Three Rivers Festival ( July 13 is urging everyone to check their drawers.  No, he doesn’t mean pants, and yes they could get cash.

The Award Winning Escape Artist is offering up to $500.00 for old handcuffs and leg irons that you might have lying around collecting dust in the attic or basement as part of his cash for cuffs approach to creating one of the largest collections of handcuffs in the world.

According to the only 2-time winner of TV’s World Magic Awards for best Escape “collecting Jail Jewelry is a long standing hobby of mine and I have met some amazing people all around the World that have old restraints either giving them to me, or selling for cash, you just never know what to expect or what will come out of the woodwork, I am definitely looking and offering cash for cuffs in the Fort Wayne area as part of my shows at the Three Rivers Festival.  People can get in touch with me at Facebook: I will gladly make good cash offers on what they have”.

Griffin has been asked recently how does he do what he does, Griffin simply shrugs and says you have to believe in yourself and you too can do anything. About Michael Griffin

Performing astonishing escapes and setting records around the World for over two decades, 2-time World Magic Award Winning Master of Escape, Michael Griffin is considered the Greatest Living Escape Artist. He is the ONLY escape artist to ever survive a hanging on the back of a horse with thirteen-knot Hangman’s Noose in 52 seconds! He has also escaped from a solid steel hermetically sealed airtight casket with a submarine style hatch locking the outside. Griffin has also escaped from handcuffs, ropes, locks, leg irons and chains from a maximum-security jail cell, the ice-covered Ohio River and from the silty bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


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