Making magic for a special woman's 100th birthday who is also deaf and mute, a challenge?

Ok, so my assignment this week is an interesting challenge.   I am charged with the honor of performing magic for Lillie Jones who turns 100 years old, yup she hits that milestone, her 100th birthday on March 29, 2013, she is also deaf and mute.  So how does someone who helps folks laugh and smile with his witty wordplay and funny things (yes I mean me) accomplish this special task? Hmmmm.

I guess I could always pull out my balls and by that I mean my set of sponge balls.  This is always a go to effect in which the special guest (birthday girl) helps and has the magic happen in her hands.  I guess I could also do some things with my nylons and by that I mean some nylon scarves that are brightly colored and do some magic things again, hopefully escaping that barrier of non hearing and appearing solidly in the realm of sight.  I guess with my wand waving and by that I mean magic wand I can enchant them all and hopefully add to this most magic of days for her, the lady of a 100 years.

What would you do for this party?

Here is a little news item about the magical midday myrthday:



Westerville resident reaches 100-year mark in very magical way. The wand waves, the years give way and there will be magic on this 100th birthday





Westerville, OH Mar. 26/ --  100 years ago on March 29 no one would’ve expected that Lillie Jones born that day would be celebrating the centennial of her life in a most magical way surrounded by family members and witnessing Michael Griffin do his special magic up close and just for her on this magical moment.


Lillie Jones who is turning 100 Friday, resides at the Columbus Colony Nursing Home and has had a very eventful life crossing two centuries and being a witness to countless episodes in history from the first income tax taking effect in 1913, the year of her birth, to civil unrest, to unity, to yes, even the internet.  She has gone from knowing LOL stands for Living Off the Land to - LOL, Laughing Out Loud.  Michael Griffin ( will be on hand performing a special set of magic for Lillie and her other deaf guests hopefully earning for his efforts some Laughing Out Louds.





WHAT: Special 100th magical birthday celebration for Lillie Jones
WHEN: 1:00 PM Friday Mar.29, 2013 
WHERE: Columbus Colony Nursing Home Rm# 205  1150 Colony Dr Westerville, OH 43081  
CONTACT: Michael Griffin
SOURCE: Outrajus Productions, Media Relations


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