Escape Artist - Michael Griffin - catches a murderer; nearly dies in clutches of assailants challenge

Tuscaloosa, AL.

During a routine appearance in Tuscaloosa Michael Griffin takes on a challenge that unknown to him would almost cost him his life by putting him in the hands of a suspected murderer during an incredibly brutal rope challenge escape.

According to Griffin just before showtime he was advised by his assistant that there was a very peculiar and menacing looking man asking if he could tie Michael up with rope and win the $1,000.00 challenge.  When Michael approached the man to talk over the dare before the escape Michael was instantly concerned by the man's demeanor and told his assistant to watch out, the man even brought his own rope.

During the challenge as is habit Michael said "do with me what you will" in an instant the man had Michael facedown on the ground, rope around his neck and starting to truss him up extremely tight in a very involved hogtie type of roping up.  Michael's airway all but collapsed, arms going numb by the second as the cordage was wound so tight and with such obvious rehearsal of technique, nothing was circulating.  "I remember passing out a bit, then kinda hearing someone crying and saying Michael Michael.  That snapped me awake and I used a piece of the stage to lever one of the ropes off and finally got out. I was whipped and the place went nuts cheering, just then the cops who were there for the handcuff portion of the show were all over me asking all about the guy.  Did I know him, had I met him before, where did he go?  I said whats going on because the guy wasn't anywhere to be found.  Turns out he left as soon as he tied me and the cops had started to inch forward to the stage because something was setting off their radar about this tie."

Deputies told Michael that in the previous year a couple of unsolved co ed murders had occurred in which the victims were tied up in the exact same way and with what appears to be the exact same kind of cordage and then found that way in trunks of vehicles.  The deputies said it was almost like a pathological need for the murderer to return and reenact his heinous ritual.  "I just went numb when the deputy told me all this" said Griffin.

I got a call several months later that they finally found him and were holding him in connection with the crimes.  "Thats the last I ever heard" said Michael.       










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