Michael Griffin Escapes Houdini owned box at bottom of ocean Delray Beach Florida

Delray Bch, FL.

As the only escape artist granted permission to reenact Houdini's 1912 death defying overboard box escape.   Michael Griffin is bound, handcuffed and sealed inside Houdini's 90 year old original packing crate and lowered into the depths of the ocean.  Michael escapes in 45 seconds reappearing at the surface free of the restraints and outside the box, but then a calling from beyond,  fate intervenes and Michael yells to the crowd I have to finish what Houdini started and vanishes from the surface to be found back inside the locked box when it is brought back up.

This bizarre double escape happened Michael believes because "when I was in the box and the water was rushing into it I heard a voice saying you will not duplicate my creation, it scared me.  I got out and in the glow of the bright sun, waving to the crowd I heard the same voice although not as menacing now saying finish it go back in.  It was the weirdest feeling and didn't make sense but I had to do it". 

michael griffin escape artist gets out of houdini's own underwater box









Stunt artist Michael Griffin wows Delray crowd with escape trick

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