Escape Artist Michael Griffin Fools Actual Rocket Scientists With His Tricks, Really! Perfect Party Entertainment Idea

Jaws dropped, heads were scratched, the magic man had come to town and the rocket scientists were no match.

Want to know a perfect way to tie up your entertainment loose ends? For your next event make sure you hire Michael Griffin America's Escape Hero, a very in demand magician for intimate private parties, corporate events and of course large stage shows.  For one night in December 2012 at a private party for you guessed it Rocket Scientists, Michael pulled out all stops by reading their minds and presenting some of his most requested feats including an escape from the legendary Houdini trapped rope challenge.


As a finale for the show, Griffin was locked up tight in a straitjacket and to the delight of the assembled Rocket Scientists he swayed, vibrated, wiggled like a snake shedding its skin and in a quick final move was out of the canvas cocoon!

The Scientists had this to say about the evening "The show was entertaining, fun, engaging and mystical. As you know, most of the company employees are rocket scientist, and they really worked at trying to figure out how you did it. Thanks for including the audience they loved it. Getting to aide in the laughter by strapping you in the straight jacket was fun for me." 


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