I helped catch a murderer

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Michael Griffin • I helped catch a murderer.....
On the road while appearing at a mall in Alabama I was offering our challenge of $1,000.00 to anyone who can tie me up with rope preventing my escape. My assistant (wife at the time) came up to me and said Mike there is a scary looking nutjob guy who wants to tie you up, stay away from him he looks dangerous. Well I'm thinking hey this could be good on stage. I went up and met him, yup, he was wierd (kinda talked and looked at me like that kid in christmas story ralphie meets in line to see santa, that says i like santa). I asked this guy do you know how to tie people up? he said oh yes I like to tie people up. I facetiously asked him did you happen to bring any rope? he said yes, i have my rope in the car. I said OK......

So, the time came for him to come up on stage and tie me up, he immediately had me lay down in a hogtie fashion and immediately threw the rope under his foot to pull out slack, he grabbed my arms and started to truss me up so severely and quickly that he could only do so with much practice. I was nervous. I couldnt feel my hands, couldnt feel my feet, every move that I made pulled harder on the ropes around my neck connected to the ankles and hands,,,I thouhgt I was finally beat.

I think I passed out for a few minutes. I remember hearing a lady cry, I realized she was saying go michael go. I got back to work and finally, I dont know how but I got out. What was wierd was the local sheriffs were on stage during the roping up part and one deputy stayed up with me, I had no idea why, I also noticed the rope tie wierdo was gone and one of the sheriffs followed him.

After I got out, the show was cut short. The deputies were all over me asking questions like did you know that guy, have you met, did you set this up? I kept asking why? I dont understand. Then the bombshell.....

The deputies said that over the course of the last school season a couple of coeds had been found dead and tied up exactly like I was, same exact rope and found in trunks of cars. I just went numb, my wife was in shock. The duputies said this was like an old movie in which the badguys ego compels him to reappear and show off.

I heard back from the deputies a few months later, they had caught him and were sure he was their man.......This was one of the wierdest gigs ever

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