If you dont have me at your tradeshow, you have a missing persons situation

(thinking outside the box drawing leads to my client)
If you don't have me at your trade show, you have a missing person situation......
that's right you are missing persons leads that you could've got to follow up with later and your missing the only Me in the world and that unique, compelling x-factor I bring along that commands attention and draws eyeballs followed by butts moving towards your booth wanting to know more, wanting to hear back from you and wanting to do business with you.
I will tell you I think outside the box, ok, bad pun, but as the 2x winner of TV's World Magic Awards for Best Escape Artist (www.escapeguy.com), I can guarantee you that you will be impressed with the amount of leads generated and business that ends up in your account, not escaping to your competitors!
How far do I go to make sure no one escapes your message, would you believe I've even hung from the rafters upside down over my clients booth, escaping from a straitjacket and posing arms outstretched with their logo across my chest, making front page on both industry publications, you might say they were "heels over head" happy with the results.
Don't let your business escape, CALL ME TODAY: 310.845.6860
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