The Great Escape Artist insists He's not the DEVIL

WILLISTON, FL– Michael Griffin escaped out of his final straightjacket. He pulled the last 40 separate and sharp needles from inside him, as they came from his mouth attached to seven feet of sting that he appeared to have swallowed with the needles. It was Sunday evening (April 15) and the Levy County Fair had started to wind down from its four-day whirlwind of fun in Williston. Griffin was among the performers who helped fair guests have a blast. He astounded audiences each time he wriggled out of a straightjacket, removed his hands from mitts made to stay on insane people, and quickly released himself from being tied by rope at his wrists. He told the audience his feats were pure muscle and movement. The escape artist assured them there was no magic or demons or wizardry involved. He said this because, according to him, when he escaped from a trunk in a less civilized country, they wanted to kill him for using demons to let him out.

kris edwardsComment