$100,000.00 Challenge

One of Michael Griffin’s main focuses in the field of escape has become the “Challenge Escape” and he has become the recognized master in this dangerous game.   Michael has a Worldwide challenge offering $100,000.00 to the group or individual that can restrain him in a rational way so that escape would be impossible.  

Many have stepped forward to accept the challenge but so far the money has remained in Michael’s possession.

Are you creative? Challenge Michael to an escape, who knows- if we use your idea you could earn some cash, anyway we’ll post it. Please email us with your ideas, remember the object is not to kill him-he’s a nice guy.

Challenge Michael

Hey fill out this form and send it on it with your best ideas to challenge Michael Griffin!
Who knows, if it makes sense we will get in touch to hopefully include it as part of an exciting upcoming show.

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