[VIDEO] Best Living Escape Artist Michael Griffin Escapes Suffocation In Compression Chamber

Michael Griffin, 2-time World Magic Award Winner for Best Escape Artist and Star of TV's Masters Of Illusion - Presents an exclusive all-new spectacular escape: THE COMPRESSION CHAMBER In this teaser - Best Living Escape Artist, Magician Michael Griffin challenges death by suffocation inside a large heavy sealed steel drum, known in the Vietnam era torture device - The Compression Chamber.

COLUMBUS, OH AUG. 8 / -- Michael Griffin, America’s Escape Hero and only Two Time Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards for Best Escape Artist (http://www.escapeguy.com) in his never ending quest of “Embracing Life By Tempting Death” is unlocking a challen to the Grim Reaper: escape from an original Compression Chamber as part of his live show that combines intensely original magic, impossible escapes, audience interaction and his World wide $100,000.00 challenge to anyone who can keep him prisoner.

The Compression Chamber used in Vietnam to “compress a confession “ for US prisoners was a cut down oil drum with a grill across the top. The prisoner would be handcuffed and forced down into a crouched position and expected to confess. This didn’t work and so a better version was developed using a solid locking top preventing any light from getting in and once bound and locked in the chamber would be placed into a pitch black room to fully deprive the captive from all sensory input. This failed as well. All the known instances of use resulted in the deaths of the captives.

Michael Griffin came into possession of one of these compression chambers and is being shackled up in the same manner with historically accurate irons, then forced down into the chamber taking one last breath. The lid is then locked down with multiple padlocks and the whole chamber is placed into a black isolation room on stage. Escape comes at a huge cost to the performer and as such is being used as the closing number on the live shows.

How does Griffin do what he does? Michael takes escapes to the extreme challenge in many forms including escaping water-filled sealed oil drums, the most complex police restraints and even mental hospitals. One of his most interesting on-stage challenges is an 1880s Navy Sea bag, most notably called the cloth coffin.

Griffin has taken passé escape concepts to an escalated level - into a new realm of risk in the art of escapology. What ordinarily would be a well-known handcuff escape Griffin adds the suffocating dare of having to escape from them inside a heavy airtight canvas sack, which is the most original escape today. Even the U.S. Government hasn’t been able to hold him in a real Postal Mailbag locked on the outside by a high security Government lock!

““Sometimes I feel like a gunfighter in the old west, never knowing what’s coming my way, but never being able to let my guard down”, says Griffin.”

About Michael Griffin:

Performing astonishing escapes and setting records around the World for over two decades, He is One of a Kind; The only 2-Time Winner of TV's World Magic Awards for Best Escape Artist. Proclaimed "The Ultimate Escape Artist" by Ripley's Believe It Or Not TV. Star of TV's Masters Of Illusion, and many network TV Shows, Michael Griffin is considered the Greatest Living Escape Artist. He is the ONLY escape artist to ever survive a hanging on the back of a horse with thirteen-knot Hangman’s Noose in 52 seconds! What’s the secret? It’s Griffin’s strong mind, conviction, heart and belief. “I do not use drugs or alcohol. I never have and I never will. I simply do not believe in their illusion, nor the illusion of negative thinking which is the toughest strait jacket we will ever face; but, if you put your mind to it, and you believe in yourself, you will always escape”.