Michael Griffin

America's Escape Artist 2X World Magic Award Winning Escape Artist / Motivational Speaker www.escapeguy.com

If you could, would you? and what would you do?

If your Michael Griffin, America’s Escape Hero appearing this weekend for the first time at the 12th annual Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo in San Antonio, TX  you would travel the World setting escape records defying anyone to keep you prisoner while offering to the World $100,000.00 to anyone who can keep you prisoner.
You would become the only 2 Time Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards for Best Escape Artist and star in numerous TV Shows such as Ripley’s Believe It Or  Not calling you “Ultimate Escape Artist” even venerable news outlet CNN would say “Simply Incredible”.The Escape King and His Bling You would star in multiple episodes of Masters of Illusion, many network news shows and even on those crazy late night TV thrill shows featuring your one of a kind escape challenge from an actual hangman’s noose on the back of a horse.
While accomplishing all that and mystifying the World you would also help local Sheriffs to catch a murderer on tour and get 12 00 people out of a burning building while your still tied up, and still find time to steal from Death it self by escaping a solid steel hermetically sealed coffin, whew…1 man. 2-Time winner of the World Magic Awards.Thousands of escapes performed so far…

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