2X WINNER OF TV’S World Magic Awards Escape Artist Michael Griffin dares Orange County Fair attendees to come up with the most impossible of challenges during his first ever appearance at Orange County Fair July 17-27.



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MIDDLETON, NY.  Jul. 11 / --  2X Winner of TV’s World magic awards escape artist Michael Griffin is urging Orange County Fairgoers to “think knotty thoughts” when it comes to his first ever Orange County Fair appearances. Michael Griffin has issued a challenge for people to come up with impossible escapes for him to attempt in his performances at this year’s Orange County Fair July 17-27.  The terms of the challenge are simple – if Michael does not make good on his escape from any rational challenge, the person who issued the challenge walks away with $1,000.00


“Sometimes I feel like a gunfighter in the old west, never knowing what’s coming my way, but never being able to let my guard down”, says Griffin, whom Ripley’s Believe It Or Not TV proclaims is the Ultimate Escape Artist.

Griffin has become one of the most interesting escape performers in recent years, not because of what he has done, but what he has not done. Michael's focus on escape is from a viewpoint of being original, and not from rehashing the old escapes of the long gone Houdini. What sets Michael apart is that he is constantly finding new ways to use those restraints to bring freshness and originality, as well as believability to the art of escapology.

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About Michael Griffin


2X Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards and proclaimed by Ripley’s TV as “The Ultimate Escape Artist” and setting World records globally Michael Griffin is considered the Greatest Living Escape Artist. He is the ONLY human ever survive a hanging on the back of a horse with thirteen-knot Hangman’s Noose in 52 seconds! He has also escaped from a solid steel hermetically sealed airtight casket with a submarine style hatch locking the outside. Griffin has also escaped from handcuffs, ropes, locks, leg irons and chains from a maximum-security jail cell, the ice-covered Ohio River and from the silty bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


What’s the secret? It’s Griffin’s strong mind, conviction, heart and belief system setting apart this distinguished performer from all others. “I do not use drugs or alcohol. I never have and I never will. I simply do not believe in their illusion, nor the illusion of negative thinking which is the toughest strait jacket we will ever face; but, if you put your mind to it, and you believe in yourself, you will always escape”


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