Escape Artist Master Magician - Michael Griffin puts loaded gun to his headEscape Artist Michael Griffin risks the ultimate prize in bizarre Magician game of Gun Trick Russian Roulette 

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Middleton, OH- (Oct.29) With a loaded gun to his head America’s Escape Artist Michael Griffin has really pushed the envelope by daring fate with a dangerous gun trick, the infamous Russian Roulette at  Land of Illusion haunted park. (http://www.landofillusion.com)

According to Magician Griffin, "I was onstage presenting this gun trick "Exercise in Chance" in which some lady in the audience has complete control over which gun gets which number after telling the crowd that 3 of the 4 guns are fully loaded with high powered blanks while the 1 gun is empty.  She assigns the numbers 1-4 to any gun and then through her choice one at a time guns are eliminated and fired leaving 2 guns left, one of which is empty, the other loaded.  She then chooses which goes against my head and fired.  I put the gun up and she started to say oh no,,oh no.  Some in the crowd were getting quite scared, it was a nervous time.  I pulled the trigger and as luck would have it I survived"  

After the show I was approached by several people who were differing in opinions.  A couple said it was frankly the most terrifying trick they had ever seen, the other woman was pleading with me please dont ever do that again, think of the symbolism of it during this period of gun problems in this country not to mention all the people who have been impacted by guns.

My question remains - was I wrong to put a loaded gun to my head? or, was I right to continue to push the envelope?



About Michael Griffin

Performing astonishing escapes and setting records around the World for over two decades, 2-time World Magic Award Winning Master of Escape, Michael Griffin is considered the Greatest Living Escape Artist. He is the ONLY escape artist to ever survive a hanging on the back of a horse with thirteen-knot Hangman’s Noose! He has also escaped from a solid steel hermetically sealed airtight casket with a submarine style hatch locking the outside. Griffin has also escaped from death under the ice-covered Ohio River and from the silty bottom of the Pacific Ocean.