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NEWS ADVISORY: America’s Escape Artist Michael Griffin challenged to escape suffocation from inside a heavy airtight bag locked in heavy shackles.  Challenge issued by Brett Oakley, owner of Land of Illusion haunted park.  Test WILL TAKE PLACE!

 2X Winner of TV’s World Magic Awards Michael Griffin, dubbed by Ripleys TV as the ultimate escape artist will challenge suffocation at the hands of Land of Illusion haunted park in a bizarre contest pitting his skills against time, lack of air and the threat of an agonizing end Friday night.


This dare to take place 9:30PM PM Friday Oct. 11 main stage.


PHOTO:  http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd223/escapeguy/landofillusion-challenge.jpg


WHAT: Daring one of a kind escape attempt – bound tightly into an airtight container at Land of Illusion haunted park. 
WHEN: 9:30 PM Friday Oct. 11, 2013 
WHERE: Main stage – Land of Illusion Haunted Park 8762 Thomas Rd Middletown, OH 45042Tel: 513 423 9960 
WEBSITE: www.escapeguy.com       http://www.landofillusion.com 
CONTACT: Michael Griffin, 614-354-4392 
PHOTO: https://picasaweb.google.com/112992716594413645936/MEDIARESOURCES?authkey=Gv1sRgCPTRm9LKycT6bA&feat=directlink 
SOURCE: Outrajus Productions, Media Relations  booking@escapeguy.com

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